On behalf of the committee and board at North Ryde Soccer Club, we welcome you to the 2017 Season at North Ryde Soccer Club. The purpose of this page is to provide you with the information you need to register to play at NRSC in season 2017.

Registration Process Specific Guidelines (Existing Players)

We encourage all current players to register online. Please Click Here To Register Online.
Additional instructions to help you with the online registration process can be found in the FFA Self Registration document.
When you register online as an existing player you will already have an FFA number. You need to confirm all your player details and nominate the age group you wish to play for.

Payment Process (online)

Payment is to take place when you register. You have two choices on-line. You can pay by credit card or your can pay by EFT to the North Ryde Soccer Club. If you are paying by EFT it is important that you put a reference with your payment. Name and Age Group is ideal. (eg Ryan Giggs U16).

Registration Process - New Players (face to face or online)

If you are brand new to North Ryde or if you simply must register in the old way, then come along on Sunday 5th February from 1pm to 4pm at Nth Ryde RSL Youth Club. Bring your Cash or Cheque and Birth Certificate.
A lot of new players like to go along to the Registration Day as they have lots of questions to ask. We will have people on hand to answer those questions.
You can also choose to pay online, you can pay by credit card or you can do an EFT to our club bank account.

Player Photos

All new players will need to provide the club with a Photo. This can be done by our team at Registration Day or you can supply a photo on-line. Existing players may also need to provide an updated photo. The online process will prompt you if this is required.

Club Bank Account Details.

Commonwealth Bank – Account Name: North Ryde Soccer Club BSB # 062 281 Acc Number # 00906894
Note that we have a two tiered Registration Fee in 2017. If you register and pay before the end of February 2017 you pay our early bird price. If you register late you will pay the standard price. for more information please email

Registration Fees

Age Group Registration Fee (Early Bird) Full Fee
Under 6 - Boys and Girls $145.00 $155.00
Under 7 - Boys and Girls $145.00 $155.00
Under 8 - Boys and Girls $155.00 $165.00
Under 9 - Boys and Girls $155.00 $165.00
Under 10 - Boys and Girls $185.00 $195.00
Under 11 - Boys and Girls $185.00 $195.00
Under 12 - Boys and Girls $190.00 $200.00
Under 13 - Boys $195.00 $205.00
Under 14 - Boys $195.00 $205.00
Under 15 - Boys $200.00 $210.00
Under 16 - Boys $200.00 $210.00
Under 17 - Boys $215.00 $220.00
Under 18 - Boys $235.00 $245.00
Under 19/21 - Mens $280.00 $290.00
All Age (Student) $310.00 $320.00
All Age (Adult Mens) $330.00 $340.00
Over 35s - Mens $330.00 $340.00
Over 45s - Mens $330.00 $340.00
  • U6-U11 receives a ball. Co-operative training is provided for U6-U9. The club provides each player with a NRSC jersey that is on-loan for the season.
  • Fees include the GHFA Player Levy and the FFA Levy and Player Injury Insurance.
  • If you pay your registration before the end of February you are entitled to the Early Bird Registration Fee, after which the full registration fee applies.
  • A 15% family discount for three or more players is offered. You pay the full registration and then the Club reimburses you the discount. Please email the club treasurer to arrange for this discount to be applied.
  • You play in the age division for the age you are turning in 2016. So if you turn 8 you are U8. Over 35s must be 35 before they can play.
  • You will need to purchase Club socks and shorts. You will also need boots and shin pads. The Club will again provide socks, shorts, shin pads for sale, as well as a used soccer boot exchange.