Welcome to the 2019 Season

Welcome back to another SOCCER SEASON at NORTH RYDE SOCCER CLUB. The season commences on Saturday 6 April 2019. North Ryde Soccer (NRS) Club Registration for season 2019 will open 1st February 2019 (the same time as the Government rebate is open).

Can I please ask that you send this email to your respective 2018 players and encourage them to register by the end of February. Could you also please advise if you are no longer coaching or managing this season.

NRS has to provide indicative team numbers to the GHFA / NWSWF by 25 February so the club needs player numbers before grading start on Sunday 10 February 2019.

New Registration Process

Please note a new registration process has been introduced by GHFA. Please see the Club's Registration web page for more information.

Please note the NSW Government is still offering a $100 Active Kids rebate for Mini and Junior Registrations for 2019. To obtain the rebate you will need to go to the Service NSW website and obtain a code prior to registering with North Ryde Soccer Club. Again refer to the Club's Registration web page for these instructions.

We strongly encourage all returning and new players to register online before attending grading.

Tony Borg continues as our club’s Registrar in 2019. We thank him in advance for the important role he is responsible for at the beginning of each season. Please be aware, he is not able to register players on your behalf as has been able to in the past. He can only assist and guide you through the new registration process. tonyborg@iinet.net.au

When registering for the All Girls teams on Sunday, ensure you register in the "North Ryde Womens Soccer Club".

If you are brand new to North Ryde or if you simply must register the old way, then come along on Sunday 3rd February from 10am to 2pm to the Cox’s Road Mall our proud sponsors, for a sausage sizzle. Bring your cash or make an online transfer. Again details on the Club's Registration web page.

Club Fees

Our Fees for 2019 are as follows:

Age Bracket Gender Fee
Under 6 & 7 Boys and Girls $149
Under 8 & 9 Boys and Girls $159
Under 10 & 11 Boys and Girls $195
Under 12 Boys and Girls $199
Under 13 & 14 Boys and Girls $210
Under 15 Boys and Girls $215
Under 16 Boys and Girls $220
Under 17 & 18 Boys and Girls $250
Adult 19/21 - Aged 18 (Youth) Men $250
Adult 19/21 - Student Men $315
Adult 19/21 - Non Student Men $315
Adult All Age - Student Men $315
Adult All Age - Non Student Men $340
Adult 19 and over - Student Ladies $315
Adult 19 and over - Non Student Ladies $355
Adult Over 35s Men $355
Adult Over 45s Men $355

For more information see the Club's Registration web page.

To all fathers and mothers, and your friends out there, are you looking to improve your fitness? In 2019 we are aiming to increase the number of existing Over 35/45 Men’s Teams and to implement two new Adult 19 and Over 19 Ladies Teams. If you are keen please contact any of the following as we would like to hear from you:
James Howard (Chairman) on 0408 162 006 howardjames212@bigpond.com
Andrew Harwood (Treasurer) on 0457 512 745 or andrewhar63@gmail.com
Roslyn Lee (Ladies Co-ordinator) on 0402 109 779 or roslynlee@hotmail.com

You will need to purchase Club socks and shorts. You will also need boots and shin pads. The Club will again provide socks and shorts for sale, as well as a used soccer boot exchange. Purchases are to be made on-line through the North Ryde Soccer Club website www.northrydesoccer.com.au/merchandise.php

Key Dates

Pre Season
Registration Day Sunday 3rd Feb Cox's Road Mall
Girls Try Football Day Sunday 11th Feb RSL Youth Club (TBC)
Grading Days See below
Team Announcements 3rd March RSL Youth Club
15:00 -Under 6s
15:45 - Under 7s
16:30 - Under 8s
17:00 - Under 9s
17:30 - Under 10s & Under 11s
18:00 - Under 12s and Under 13s
18:30 - Under 14s, Under 15s, Under 16s and Under 17/18s
March Trial Games Sundays 3rd Mar–31st Mar TBD
Joy & Firgal Adams Tribute Match Sunday 17th Mar North Ryde Oval (TBC)
Grassroots/coaches session Tuesday 19th Mar Magdala Oval
Winter Season
Mini's Kickstart Coop Training Starts (All) Tuesday 26th March Magdala Oval
Season starts (All) Saturday 6th Apr
Season End (GHFA) end of August

Grading days - Mixed Saturday Comp

Sunday 26th Feb - North Ryde Park
U10 and U11 5:30pm
U12 and U13 7pm