Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: This FAQ will soon be updated to include new mobile application
How do I submit my team's match results?
Each junior and senior team (U9 and up) must submit their match results on the same day as the match was played.

Please email the match result to Steve Everitt or send an SMS to 0414 335 221.

Note that the club receives a financial fine if they do not report all the match results on time. Your co-operation with this task is appreciated 
Are there any privacy issues in publishing photos on the web?
Yes, privacy is taken into consideration when publishing photos on the web. The website administration will not publish any photos on the web without the consent of the owner of the photograph, or the people that are present in the photograph.

Note that it is not the responsibility of the website administration to obtain permission from the respective parties to publish a photo on the web. It is assumed that the appropriate consent has already been secured by the time the photo is sent to the website administration for publishing.
How do I publish a match report?
Match reports can be submitted by the team manager or coach via the web console provided. This interface also allows mini's teams to submit the match scores for publication if desired. If there are photos to be included with the report they will need to be emailed to

Note that:

1. Any attached images may be reduced to appropriate web-friendly file sizes
2. The number of photos published is proportional to the amount of report text content
3. The content of the report may be edited for obvious corrections, privacy issues or inappropriate text
How do I publish a photo for the 'Pic of the Week' competition?
Submit your photo by email to the website administrator at The photo should be attached as a separate image file, and the email must include the following details:

1. The name of the team
2. The date of the photo
3. A one-line description of the photo
4. The name of the person who submitted the photo

All photos must be submitted before Wednesday and will be announced on the Front Page the next day.