Welcome Season 2018

Welcome back to another SOCCER SEASON at NORTH RYDE SOCCER CLUB. The season commences on Saturday 7 April 2018. North Ryde Soccer (NRS) Club Registration for season 2018 are nearly at a close, with the teams nearly complete.
Coxs Road Mall is holding an Easter Hat Parade click here for more information.

Key Dates

Pre Season
March Trial Games Sundays 4th Mar–1st Apr TBC
Joy & Firgal Adams Tribute Match Sunday 18th Mar North Ryde Oval (TBC)
Grassroots/coaches session Tuesday 27th Mar RSL Youth Club
Winter Season
Formal Training Starts (All) Monday 2nd Apr Youth Club & NRO
Season starts (All) Saturday 7th Apr
Season End (GHFA) end of August

March Trial games

Due to the extreme weather this weekend the club will not be organising official trail games. However each team is welcome to come down on their own accord for a kick around. This would be organised by your team manager or team coach. If you don't hear from your manager or coach then assume your team will not be attending.

The Ryde East Public School sports oval has been booked by the club this Sunday.
-- Mixed Saturday Comp --
U6-U7 9am
U8-U9 10am
U10-U11 11am
U12-U13 12pm
U14-U15 1pm
U16-U17 2pm
U18-O45 3pm

Registration Instructions

Please note the government is offering a $100 rebate for Mini and Junior Registrations after 1 February 2018. As a result, we will open junior registration on 1 February to avoid early registrations missing out. To obtain the rebate you will need to go to the Service NSW website and obtain a code prior to registering with North Ryde Soccer Club. Click here to see detailed instructions of how to apply for the rebate.
However, we would like to ask parents to register before attending grading.
Tony Borg continues as our club’s Registrar in 2018. We thank him in advance for the important role he is responsible for at the beginning of each season. Please direct registration enquiries to tonyborg@iinet.net.au
We encourage all new players to register online. There are two ways this can be done.

When registering for the All Girls teams on Sunday, ensure you register in the "North Ryde Womens Soccer Club".
Click here to see detailed instructions of how to apply the rebate to your Football NSW 2018 registration.
If you are brand new to North Ryde or if you simply must register the old way, then come along on Sunday 4th February from 10am to 2pm to the Cox’s Road Mall our proud sponsors, for a sausage sizzle. Bring your cash or make an online transfer.
If you are paying online, you can pay by credit card or you can do an EFT to our club bank account. Either way it is very important that you put a reference with your payment. Name and Age Group is ideal. (eg Tim Cahill O35). Click here to see further registration instructions or details.


After the rain and cancellation of games and with more rounds likely to be affected throughout the season, it is imperative that all managers and coaches keep checking the GHFA website. Most teams will have retrieved and kept a list of matches that were published at the start of the season. It is highly likely that this is now obsolete as they (apparently) need to keep shifting games between grounds. Inevitably, kick off times change too.
You should even check it on the morning of the match.


This will be news to some but, if one of our teams incorrectly completes a team sheet, fines are applied. If using e-team sheets, as we have been getting used to it, fines have been waived but this will no longer be the case. Fines apply for not entering scores correctly. A missing shirt number. Forfeits etc. It is not a large sum but they all add up and are likely to increase. The worst offenders in our club are the Senior teams and the most consistent error is not entering a shirt number for a particular player. Incorrect/no score entered is second. Get it right fellas.


Note that – only the one Game Leader is permitted on the field during play and they should assist both teams. Supporters are asked to stand on the sidelines and not behind the goals. Particularly older brothers and sisters of the goalie.

Morrison No. 3

After four serious injuries at the ground, Morrison No. 3 is unplayable and matches scheduled there this season will be moved. Changes have been made and the website updated. Even if not scheduled to play there, your team might be affected.
As mentioned above - keep checking the GHFA website, even on the morning of the match.

Cleaning Up

We have taken comments from neighbours about rubbish left behind after games. The North Ryde Soccer Club wishes to impress community respect and virtues. We assume this maybe the opposition, we all need to take responsibility on how the ground is left when we pack up including the opposition area, if left in a mess let us know and we can forward to the club responsible.

Kickstart coaching videos

VIDEO LAUNCH: Our football development partners at Sports Kickstart have launched their new educational coaching video's for the 2017 season. This exciting new development will support our club coaches and managers throughout the Cooperative Program, to develop their players and take their teams to the next level!